Our culture is facing a crisis of masculinity.
We are making a difference one man at a time.

Genesis chapter 3 describes mankind’s dilemma after the Fall and our need for a Savior. This same chapter also clearly communicates God’s plan to redeem man to Himself through the Gospel.

Our ministry is built on the firm belief that individuals cannot change through mere willpower or simply learning Biblical principles and trying to carry them out. We believe that change takes place within community as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ more deeply into our understanding and into our hearts. This process is a journey and not a quick-fix formula. We enjoy offering helps for men who are seeking to live a bigger and better story.

Men Need More Community,
Not Accountability.

By clinical definition, sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder. As a result, lasting heart-change around this issue does not take place in isolation, but in the context of genuine, transparent community.  

Route1520 Recovery Groups offer a safe place for individuals to find support, care, direction, and prayer in community with fellow strugglers. One of the dangers of sex addiction is the secrecy that results when we buy into the lie that we are alone in our struggle with sexual sin. The shame which drives addiction begins to dissipate as individuals allow themselves to be fully known by other members of the group. Our groups provide authentic, transparent community and open discussion around the deep heart issues that drive destructive behavior.  

Interested in starting a Christ-centered recovery group? We offer training and a comprehensive strategy for starting and growing Christ-centered recovery groups that deal with sexual brokenness.

Coaching Packages For Men

3 Individual Sessions

Beginning Recovery Journey

Perfectly Imperfect Marriage

Our 4-Day Intensive For Men
Dealing With Sexual Addiction

The EMBARK Men’s Recovery Intensive is a four-day event held at Shocco Springs Retreat Center in Talladega, AL designed to provide a jumpstart for a man’s recovery journey. The EMBARK Men’s Recovery Intensive focuses specifically on sexual addiction and involves a comprehensive approach to healing that goes beyond the acting out behavior and gets to the root issues that are driving the unwanted behavior.  

Attendees of the intensive are divided into small groups and work with licensed counselors who are specifically trained in treating sexual addiction. A limited number of scholarships are available for those who qualify and payment plans are available upon request. Space is limited to 18 participants, so register now!

From Our Podcast

From Orphan To Beloved Son

Watch Tray's Teaching on 'The Essential Shift'

Moving from an orphan mindset to the understanding that we are beloved sons…the ‘Essential Shift’…is the core tenet of Undone Redone’s discipleship model. Shame is the fuel that drives unwanted, addictive behavior, and, unfortunately, it is often used as an attempt to dissuade bad behavior. But any attempt to shame away bad behavior only leads to more bad behavior…like pouring gas on the fire.

Our orphan spirituality also leads to all kinds of hiding and mask-wearing due to the fact we incorrectly believe that “good” Christians are supposed to sin less and less the more we walk with Jesus. As Tray points out in this Essential Shift video, resting in our true identity as beloved sons allows us to deal honestly with our brokenness.

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