My Secure Family Parent Portal Launches Thursday


MySecureFamily, our online parent portal, launches this Thursday, April 20th!

Undone Redone launches their online parent portal called My Secure Family on Thursday April 20, 2017. Parents can join this online community for a monthly membership cost of $5.99 or annual cost of $54.00.

Technology is one of the few areas that children know more about than their parents. Due to this dynamic, many parents do not engage with their children effectively when it comes to technology, leaving children to navigate this landscape alone. My Secure Family strives to provide a space for parents to gain knowledge and understanding surrounding technology and how they can better protect their children in the digital generation.

My Secure Family is an online portal and community for parents that features subject matter experts from multiple organizations and will focus on online digital safety. Healthy conversations around sex and sexuality, information regarding apps to pay attention to, videos on navigating digital devices, and grace-based parenting techniques. Users will also have access to a digital safety course and weekly question and answer forums to assist them in navigating parental responsibilities in our digital age. My Secure Family will provide a collaborative space to equip parents on the practice of safe technology, emphasizing positive online behaviors and using the necessary and available tools to connect families to limit exposure to pornography, bullying and security dangers for our homes.

Parents wishing to join the My Secure Family community or for more information can visit, You may also find us on our social media channels.


Twitter: @mysecurefamily

Instagram: @mysecurefamily