Grace-Based Parenting In Our Digital Age

Technology is one of the few areas that children already know more than their parents on a topic and grace-based parenting has never been more important. Due to this dynamic, many parents do not engage with their children effectively when it comes to technology, leaving children to navigate this landscape alone. MySecureFamily strives to provide a space for parents to gain knowledge and understanding surrounding technology and how they can better protect their children in the digital generation.

Bring the MySecureFamily Seminar To Your Church

My Secure Family seminar helps equip and educate parents on how to better shepherd the hearts of their kids in the digital age. In this seminar, Tray and Melody Lovvorn help parents understand the constantly changing technological terrain so that they can step into this important space and shepherd their child’s heart effectively. Parents will learn about the latest apps, social media sites, and video games and will be given practical steps to create a safe technological environment for children in the home. They will also discuss how to facilitate healthy and ongoing conversations with your kids surrounding sex and pornography and how to navigate this with safety, truth and grace. 

This seminar is a 3 hour seminar for any parent, grandparent, school administrator, or ministry leader who is interested in protecting the innocence of children in our digital world.

From Our Podcast

Gospel Sexuality Conference

Today’s culture is continually promoting an ‘anything-goes’ understanding of sexuality to our children. As parents we desire to see our kids grow up without the shame and ongoing pressure of living in this pornified culture. Our responsibility as parents to protect and prepare our kids has never been harder or more important. This conference covers the complex issues of sexuality, how to  communicate with your kids that they are image bearers of God, and how to facilitate conversations with your kids about their experiences with regard to sexuality. Tray and Melody will bring their personal experience in raising four children as well as share concepts and testimonials from other professionals in this space.   

This conference is a two day conference for any parent, grandparent, school administrator, or ministry leader who is interested in protecting and equipping the next generation.

Join Us For Open Your Purse

September 12, 2019 at the Grand Bohemian Hotel

Come join us at our 2nd Annual Open Your Purse event, Thursday, September 12, 2019, at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Mountain Brook, AL The first annual Open Your Purse welcomed more than 200 of Birmingham’s most influential and fashion-conscious philanthropists and featured over 55 designer purses that were auctioned off to benefit Undone Redone’s MySecureFamily initiative. This family initiative helps equip parents and grandparents in protecting and inoculating their children facing the dangers of today’s technology. 

Our Podcast

Undone Redone is Tray and Melody’s weekly podcast where they interview Philip Yancey, Randy Alcorn, Steve Brown, Dan Allender, John Lynch, William Paul Young, Michael John Cusick, Nate Larkin, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and many others about marriage, grace, recovery, and the wonderfully scandalous Gospel. The Undone Redone podcast talks the messiness of life…addiction and infidelity…grace and reconciliation…marriage and family…authenticity and faith. Tray and Mel are a couple that know a thing or two about messy and who are thrilled that their divorce did not work out!

The buttons below link to 3 podcast episodes that speak specifically to what a betrayed spouse is going through. Also, make sure you subscribe so that you do not miss an episode!


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