The picture on the left is from our first wedding in 1992 and the picture on the right is from our second wedding in 2008.

Melody and I were married for 11 years before my struggle with pornography and sexual addiction ripped our family apart. This tragic upheaval left both of us reeling and disrupted our status quo, to say the least. The appearance of the “perfect” life that we both worked so hard to keep up came crashing down all around us.

After 6 years of divorce, we were remarried. Our story of reconciliation confirms what a wise person once said, “Adversity introduces us to ourselves.” If we were writing this story, we would have carefully avoided the intense pain that was so necessary for our healing. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness, goodness, and amazing grace.

Click the link for the full transcript of the ceremony at the celebration of our remarriage in October of 2008. Full Transcript