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Our Vision:

Every heart living FREE!

Our Mission:

Leading men and women to experience God’s grace in their brokenness as they learn to live deeply from the heart.

The Problem:

Many men and women today live disconnected, lonely, isolated lives…trapped by shame, believing some variation of the lie that everyone else has it together and they do not. This belief leads to hiding, which blocks what the human heart was created for: intimacy.

The Solution:

Brene Brown says, “Shame cannot survive being spoken and being met with empathy.” Undone Redone shares the truth that we are loved as we are and provides safe communities where we can experience this love firsthand with others.

Our Key Distinction:

We reorient individuals to the truth of the Gospel, which allows them to drop their masks in order to enter into authentic community where true, lasting change can take place over time.

Our History: