Helping Female Sex Addicts — Marnie Ferree

Tray and Melody welcome a long-awaited guest to the show, Marnie Ferree. Marnie is the founder of Bethesda Workshops, a program that specializes in helping those struggling with sexual brokenness and was the first of its kind to help female sex addicts in what was thought to be a “male only issue.”

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I Was Married To A Sex Addict — Tanya McCaw [Podcast]

We all know that betrayal trauma is a pain unique to the men and women that have to face it. However, it is often so easy to focus on the end goal of where we are headed rather than the journey itself. Our guest on today’s episode is Tanya McCaw, who sits down with Melody to share her journey through betrayal and reconciliation.

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Walking With My Daughter Through Her Eating Disorder — Kristen Hatton [Podcast]

Tray and Melody sit down with Kristen Hatton to discuss what its like walking with a child or teen struggling with an eating disorder. She emphasizes the importance of talking to our children about the idols in their lives that drive undesirable behaviors instead of just trying to fix it for them and make them “good kids.”

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