My good friend Chad posted this amazing quote about grace today on Facebook: “The greatest saints are not those who need less grace, but those who consume the most grace, who indeed are most in need of grace—those who are saturated by grace in every dimension of their being. Grace to them is like breath.” […]

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I first heard the song “Alive” by Pocket Full of Rocks driving through Mississippi listening to The Message on Sirius|XM channel 32. I turned up the radio as I heard the words, “shame”, “grace”, and “singing over me” all wrapped into one song. These are words I often use when referring to my own recovery […]

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Interrogation Chair

Confronting Ourselves

Our Band of Brothers recovery group is working through the 12-steps this year by focusing on one step each month. Our emphasis this month has been on Step 4… Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves This is the step where many decide to step off the path of recovery. It is scary. […]

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Don’t Miss Man Up: Redefined!

About a year ago, I ran across Paul Coughlin’s No More Christian Nice Guy and I will honestly never be the same. Mr. Coughlin gave me words for the journey to authentic manhood that I had experienced in my own life over the preceding five or six years and eloquently exposed the subtle lies I […]

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