Ministering to Military Families — Megan Brown [Podcast]

On this week’s episode of the Undone Redone Podcast, Tray and Melody sit down with military spouse and minister Megan Brown. Megan works with the military community, specifically spouses, on how to connect into your community as a military spouse and increase community engagement with active duty members and veterans alike.

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I Was Married To A Sex Addict — Tanya McCaw [Podcast]

We all know that betrayal trauma is a pain unique to the men and women that have to face it. However, it is often so easy to focus on the end goal of where we are headed rather than the journey itself. Our guest on today’s episode is Tanya McCaw, who sits down with Melody to share her journey through betrayal and reconciliation.

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No Hope In Silence — Tom and Michelle Weaver [Podcast]

Tray and Melody sit down with Tom and Michelle Weaver to discuss what it’s like coming forward when a spouse struggles with sexual infidelity and pornography addiction. Tom and Michelle both emphasize how silence only hurts a relationship and how keeping secrets from your spouse can ultimately destroys the foundations of that relationship.

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