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There Is Life After Your Worst Day

There is nothing more lonely than walking through the devastation and shock of betrayal. Few experiences create more pain than sexual betrayal. When the person closest to you and who is supposed to be safest for you is the source of your pain, it is hard to know who to turn to that you can trust.

The irony of this is that while one relationship can feel like it breaks us into a million pieces, God brings other relationships to gently mend us back together and heal our broken hearts.

You matter and your story matters.

The Life Beyond Betrayal online course is for women who have been blindsided by betrayal and/or infidelity.  It is designed to provide a basic understanding of the very real trauma that accompanies betrayal and a basic plan to heal from it. It is designed as a first step in the healing journey from betrayal.

This online healing program can be done in as little as 30 days or can be spread out for as long as one would like.   Each lesson is complete with a specific topic and coaching lesson, devotional, homework, helpful worksheets to process and to journal, music playlists and videos, and more to aid in the healing process. This program does not take the place of therapy, however, it does provide an excellent starting point or re-entry point for recovery and healing to take place following betrayal.

I know that betrayal is a sensitive issue. This process is going to stir up thoughts, emotions, and memories. I ask that each individual “trust the process”.  The process of healing is not a quick fix formula and my goal is to provide a safe place to validate the pain caused by what you have been through. This course provides educational content to better understand the nature of betrayal as well as a course of treatment for betrayal and relationship trauma.

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Women's Intensive

You are not alone.

This 3-day intensive is designed to help women understand the nature of what they are going through, validate and give voice to the disturbing emotions and the trauma symptoms following betrayal as well as putting a healing framework together.  We will spend consolidated time working through the following information so that you don’t have to be taken out or get stuck on this healing journey:

  • Explain the basics of Betrayal Trauma & PTSD symptoms
  • Understanding Pornography & Sex Addiction
  • Deception: Why it hurts so bad
  • Identifying Loss & Working through Negative Emotions
  • Obstacles to Healing
  • Surviving Shame: Lies vs. Truth
  • Next Steps & Practical Tools

This healing intensive is 3 days and consists of 20 hours of 1-on-1 time with Melody, a certified life and recovery coach.

Attendees will gain access to Melody’s online course, Life Beyond Betrayal, as a follow up resources that will provide on-going work as well as access to an online community of women.

Because these intensives are 1-on-1 with Melody and are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, please click the button below and email Melody directly with any questions you might have as well as dates that work in your schedule.

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Undone Redone is Tray and Melody’s weekly podcast where they interview Philip Yancey, Randy Alcorn, Steve Brown, Dan Allender, John Lynch, William Paul Young, Michael John Cusick, Nate Larkin, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and many others about marriage, grace, recovery, and the wonderfully scandalous Gospel. The Undone Redone podcast talks the messiness of life…addiction and infidelity…grace and reconciliation…marriage and family…authenticity and faith. Tray and Mel are a couple that know a thing or two about messy and who are thrilled that their divorce did not work out!

The buttons below link to 3 podcast episodes that speak specifically to what a betrayed spouse is going through. Also, make sure you subscribe so that you do not miss an episode!


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