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Are you...

Wanting to know more about our story?

We are so thankful that we were able to reconcile and re-marry after being divorced for six long years! CLICK HERE to watch a video of us discussing our divorce that did not work out.

A guy looking for help with some form of sexual brokenness?

Head over to Route1520.com, the site for our recovery initiative, and you will find information on EMBARK, our men’s recovery intensive, our network of Christ-centered recovery groups, and resources to assist you on the recovery journey.

A woman trying to heal after the trauma of betrayal?

Melody has written an online course called Life Beyond Betrayal for women who are living through the nightmare of betrayal trauma. This course is designed to offer perspective in the aftermath of betrayal from someone who has been there. 

A ministry leader wanting to start a Christ-centered recovery community for pornography at your church?

We offer a turn-key solution for starting Christ-centered recovery communities that has a proven track-record since we started our first group back in 2009. CLICK HERE for more information on GroupNOW. 

A parent looking for information to help you protect your children from the potentially harmful impact of technology?

80% of children’s first time exposure to pornography takes place in the home. Join our MySecureFamily Facebook community and connect with other parents who are working together to stay up-to-date on current technology that is impacting our families.

A ministry leader looking to do a digital safety event at your church?

If your church would like to bring our MySecureFamily digital safety workshop for parents to your community, simply CLICK HERE and fill out our form and someone from our team will be in touch with you. 

Interested in inviting Tray and/or Melody to speak at your next event?

Head over to our speaking page for more information. You can also reach out to our team directly and we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Looking for the Undone Redone podcast?

Our weekly Undone Redone podcast features heartfelt interviews with authors like Steve Brown, William Paul Young, John Lynch, Michael John Cusick, and Nate Larkin and covers import topics like recovery, marriage, grace, and the scandalous gospel. Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher Radio!

Wanting to ask Tray and Melody a question?

CLICK HERE to send Tray and Mel a question and maybe it will show up on an upcoming episode of the Undone Redone podcast

Trying to find individual help with your recovery journey or a couple looking for help in your relationship?

Tray and Melody offer relationship and recovery coaching for individuals and couples. For a full list of our coaching packages, go here.

Looking for something else you can’t find?

If you need anything else that is not listed here, just email us at support@undoneredone.com

Again, however you made your way here, thanks for stopping by. We look forward to connecting with you and serving you however we can.

Grace Looks Good on You!

Tray and Melody