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Room of Grace

Episode #15 of Undone Redone features author, speaker, and pastor John Lynch!

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Show Notes

Episode #15 of Undone Redone features author, speaker, and pastor John Lynch of Truefaced Ministries. John is the author of The Cure: What If God Isn’t Who You Think He Is and Neither Are You and was the teaching pastor at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona for 27 years. In this powerful episode, John discusses his book The Cure, grace, the masks we hide behind, and why working on our sin will never resolve it.

The truths shared in this episode about grace and the Gospel are liberating for those of us who spent so many years performing for the approval of God and others.

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Here are some great quotes from John Lynch included in this episode…

“When I’m wearing a mask, only my mask gets loved.”

“He (God) is working 24/7 on your behalf and He is not ashamed or disgusted by where you are right now.”

“We get justification and glorification, but struggle believing the in-between (sanctification).”

“Concerning sanctification, we make God to be this angry pirate who has had too much coffee.”

“I’m afraid if I start believing grace that I’ll start shooting heroin and heading down to the dog track.”

“God woos our heart and doesn’t demand from our flesh.”

“The entire Old Testament law was written to prove that we couldn’t do it by ourselves. It made rebels out of us.”

“Jesus says, ‘Save your checklist.’ It is less important that you behave a certain way than you learn to depend on me for all of your behavior.”

“As long as you hide behind a mask and tell me that you are ‘fine’, I can’t love you.”

“The first fallacy is that I can manage my sin.”

“We are so tired of trying to ‘white knuckle’ our way through sin.”

“The problem with accountability is that it causes me to hide from and resent the people I love the most.”

“I need a place where the worst of me can be known.”

“As long as I am just in accountability and not community, I never get to the issues behind my issues.”

Here is the New Testament Gamble that closes out this episode:

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