A Theology For Suffering — Paul Dunk [Podcast]

a theology for suffering

Tray is joined by Pastor Paul Dunk to discuss his journey of grace, humility and growth.

Show Notes

Tray is joined by Pastor Paul Dunk to discuss his journey of grace, humility and growth. They discuss a theology of suffering, Tim Keller’s impact on his life and distinguishing the gospel of Christ and what people think of religion.

Paul is the founding pastor of KW Redeemer in Kitchener, Ontario  and a graduate of Knox Theological Seminary with a Masters degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. He is a content contributor for the Knox Seminary blog as well as the Christ Hold Fast blog. He is a MCO race school graduate but his present hobby is drinking espresso because its less expensive than fixing cars. He lives with his wife Susan in Waterloo with their three children.

Paul and his wife Susan had been involved in youth ministry since about 1994 and were very much in the prosperity faith zone. He was committed to being the next big thing in the world of Christianity and was preaching health and wealth for almost 15 years. They resigned in 2010 because they saw what they were teaching was unhelpful and unhealthy to the Church. They felt they couldn’t give their lives to the authoritarian view of how they were living and teaching.

After he resigned, Paul was speaking in New York at a conference and he had a friend tell him about Tim Keller and his book A Reason for God. His wife Susan came to the realization and awakening before Paul did and it created huge problems in their marriage. Paul felt totally contradicted to everything he had ever taught and was totally undone of his pride.

He went on a recalibration of about 5 years where he completely reevaluated himself, his faith, and his calling to preaching. The human heart loves the formula and then when the formula doesn’t work, we just put the question mark on the person, rather than the formula. We have to realize there isn’t a clear-cut formula and that grace and the love of the father is always there.

You can learn more about Paul and KW Redeemer here and interact with Paul on Twitter. Read Paul’s writings for Christ Hold Fast here.

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