Healing From Betrayal Trauma — Catherine Etherington [Podcast]

Melody is joined by Catherine Etherington all the way from Northern England to discuss betrayal trauma, her unique insight into addiction of all types, recovery and the beauty of grace.

Show Notes

Melody is joined by Catherine Etherington all the way from Northern England to discuss betrayal trauma, her unique insight into addiction of all types, recovery and the beauty of grace.  Catherine and Melody talk their own journey through betrayal and finding healing through various resources and community.

Catherine and Melody discuss how finding community, support and finding someone to process the pain with are the best first steps for women to take after facing betrayal. Self care is an extremely important part of the healing process due to the amount of emotional energy women are putting out. Catherine walks us through the process she walks women through to find true healing and comfort after betrayal.

Catherine is a 10 year recovering addict who found Christ through her recovery. Catherine met her husband a few years into her recovering journey and coming out of a relationship with a man who was struggling with sex addiction. After several years Catherine discovered pornography on her husband’s phone. After doing loads of research, and finding support and resources for him Catherine hit a brick wall in finding support for herself. This caused Catherine to become a life and recovery coach.

Full Circle Coaching was created to offer support and guidance for women as they consider what the future holds for themselves as well as their relationship. It is aimed at providing support for them to rebuild their personal wholeness and strength. Catherine has trained as a Certified Professional Life Coach and has added specialist training for partners of men with sexual issues with both the American Association of Sex Addiction Specialists (AASAT) and The Association of Partners of Se Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS), making me the only coach with this training in the UK.

Catherine is able to provide a unique insight into addiction and has worked with many other addicts to achieve sobriety through the 12 step model and other modalities.

Catherine is a published blogger, aiming to raise awareness of the issue of sex addiction and the impact on the partner, writing for the Huffington Post as well as other publications. She is a 35 year old mother to two daughters both entering their teens. This issue will affect all women in some way and Catherine’s goal is to work hard to equip her daughters for healthy relationships when the time comes.

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